5 Myths About Getting Killer Abs

cb abs1 5 Myths About Getting Killer Abs

Great article by Craig Ballantyne

Ab exercises aren’t the only thing you have to do in order to get your 6-pack. You also have to work hard on your diet as well, sticking to a fat-burning, muscle-building diet all year round.

Here’s a list of 5 common myths about getting killer abs.

Myth 1) You don’t need to watch what you eat

Diet is first and foremost the key factor when trying to get 6-pack abs. Plan your nutrition in advance, to avoid dietary downfalls.

Myth 2) As long as you do a lot of ab exercises and repetitions, it doesn’t matter how well you do them

It is important to do all repetitions with good form. Focus on quality, not quantity. Avoid sit-ups and an excessive number of crunches. Both exercises can damage the lumbar spine in your lower back, and crunches are rarely effective anyways.

Myth 3) You can “Spot reduce” the fat on your abs with crunches

No matter how many crunches you do, you won’t be able to get rid of your ab fat with crunches alone. You need a good diet and an increase in your calorie burning from strength training and interval training.

Myth 4) Infomercial products will help you get a 6-pack

You’ve probably seen dozens of ab gadgets on TV, but none are magic bullets. You can’t expect anything you order from TV to help you get a 6-pack. You have to do the hard work with nutrition and training to get results.

Myth 5) You must do abs every day

You don’t need to do abs every day. Instead, train them twice per week and use non-conventional exercises such as Mountain Climbers and Stability Ball Jackknives to reduce the stress on your lower back.

To learn more about the best nutritional plan and targeted exercises to get killer abs, take a look at Craig Ballantyne’s Turbulence Training. He has been featured in Men’s Health numerous times and is one of the leading experts on quick fat loss workouts.


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Naomi Trower AKA

twitter3 5 Myths About Getting Killer Abs

twitter3 5 Myths About Getting Killer Abs

  • http://ZenaWomen.com Ann Evanston

    Back when I had them i really believe that diet and cardio had more to do with “seeing” abs than anything else! They are always there, – the 6 pack that is!

    Congrats on your hard work to get in shape!

    Ann Evanston

    Ann Evanston’s last blog post..Love is a VERB not a Noun

  • http://www.editingluke.blogspot.com Editing Luke

    If you only knew how many times I’ve had this debate with my buddies. You make it clear, as I’ve tried so hard to do with my friends, that it’s about routine, eating better and quality exercises. You can’t cheat that! Although I have to disagree with #4, because once you see how ridiculous some people are, that’s actually pretty good motivation to do things properly :)

    Editing Luke’s last blog post..Postcards & YouTube Music Copyrights

  • nctrower

    That is so funny Luke! :)

  • http://www.top-muscle.com/ Muscle Builder

    diet is the key :) some say that 80% abs are made in kitchen.. the rest 20% is hard work :)

    Muscle Builder’s last blog post..Top Mistakes in Muscle Building

  • http://www.top-muscle.com Muscle Builder

    diet is the key :) some say that 80% abs are made in kitchen.. the rest 20% is hard work :)

    Muscle Builder’s last blog post..Top Mistakes in Muscle Building

  • http://www.fittedforlife.com Alex

    great post thanks.

    diet is the key
    weight training is important
    some cardio will also help
    ab exercises are a plus and should never be a priority i think (20 min a week will do)

  • http://myidearulestheworld.blogspot.com Imdad

    Good information, gone through video……have to workout to reduce my tummy!!

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  • http://health-and-fitness-buzz.blogspot.com how to maximize your health and fitness

    I am a great fan of Craig Ballantyne. Since coming across his advice I have not done one crunch again ever! People need to realize that getting healthy and losing weight is 80% diet and 20% exercise. and its not going to happen overnight.

  • http://www.makesixpackabs.com Kai

    I have been on Craig’s program for a month now, and I have already lost 8 pounds. I think it is great and easy to follow!

  • nctrower

    Congrats on your progress Kai! :)

  • http://DoubleEdgedFatLoss.com Double-Edged Fat-loss

    You’ve covered the points (myths about getting a six pack) pretty well. I’d just like to embellish on #1- it’s all about eating smartly and choosing which food to get calories from rather than cutting-back on calories. Maintaining one’s metabolism through a healthy diet filled with fruits, veggies and high-fiber food will make it easier to lose enough belly fat to expose killer abs. ;)

  • http://godhealthy.blogspot.com rickkgoh

    Great info to get a stunning abs.. This also helps you to loose a few unwanted pounds

  • AstroNutrition

    And I used to believe some of these! Thank you for this wonderfully informative post. There are a lot of things to remember and know about weight loss, and some of them are misleading information. Lose weight the healthy way!
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  • http://sixweekworkoutprogram.com Nick Rainey

    I hope not too many actually believe this stuff anymore. All these points were spot on. Some blogs I disagree with some, but this one is exactly right. There is a lot more to core work than sit-ups! I also love the comment on training them twice a week. So many people just do 100 crunches every day and then train their other muscles totally different. That’s absurd. I recently wrote an article on more effective crunches you can see it at http://sixweekworkoutprogram.com/health-fitness-blog/

  • http://www.howcanigeta6pack.com/ How Can I Get a 6 Pack

    I would like to clarify a doubt in this blog and this is the best place for posing my question and here it is” Do a person training to get a six ab should take less intake of water?”