Top 10 Super Foods to Jump Start Your Metabolism!

healthy foods 300x167 Top 10 Super Foods to Jump Start Your Metabolism!

Great article by my fitness coach, Holly Rigsby

Seems everyone has a list these days. Well I have one of my own that not only works for me, but for hundreds of Fit Yummy Mummy’s as well. These foods will not only help your body burn more calories but they are delicious, affordable and EASY to prepare. So print out this list and Get Energized!

1. High Fiber Cereal - look for 5 grams or more of Fiber and no more than 8g of sugar. It’s good to have at least one hot cereal (rolled oats) and one cold (Kashi Go Lean Crunch).

2. Apples - Okay, any fresh fruit will do, but apples are so easy to grab and go, we always have them on hand. Make it easy on yourself and have at least 2 different fresh fruits you can choose to eat each day. This week I have apple slices and grapes on hand.

3. Almonds - Your “portable protein” – the perfect emergency snack or pair it up with a fruit or veggie. High in metabolism-boosting Protein and Healthy Fats. But it is easy to eat too many – measure out 1/4 cup servings and stick in a snack size baggie.

4. Eggs - Yes, they ARE good for you. They are considered the gold standard of protein quality because of their superior amino acid content. It takes less than 3 minutes to prepare an egg.

5. Spinach - This super veggie goes with everything. At only 5 calories per cup how could it not?! Use in omelets, wraps, salads, side dishes…the list goes on.

6. Yogurt - great source of protein and the live cultures help boost immunity. It goes great with Kashi Go Lean Crunch or other high fiber cereals. HOWEVER: Avoid choosing brands that contain added sugar – especially High Fructose Corn Syrup. Read the ingredients!

7. Grilled Chicken - okay this is tied with frozen wild salmon filets (loaded with omega-3′s.) One of the easiest, most versatile “meal makers” available. I’ll have to share the many ways chicken can be prepared just to prove it is not boring to eat!

8. Black Beans - Packed with the leanest protein and very high in fiber – and only $.75 a can – how can you go wrong? Beans are a great alternative to those who feel like they are eating the same protein day in and day out.

9. Salsa - yes, tomatoes have wonderful health benefits, but in salsa form they also work well to add low cal, energizing flavor to your meals. From eggs, to rice and beans and even as a salad dressing. Choose a spicy variety and get the added metabolism-boosting kick from Capsaicin – the chemical in peppers that gives them their bite.

10. Green Tea - A Morning Must. Now I used to be an avid Starbucks fan….but the extra calories and ton of sugar completely sabotaged my results. Green tea was the perfect replacement. It has a lower level of caffeine and loaded with EGCG. (studies show this ingredient causes your brain and nervous system to run more quickly- helping you burn more calories.) BONUS: It enhances your mood as well.

naomi pic Top 10 Super Foods to Jump Start Your Metabolism!
Naomi Trower AKA

twitter3 Top 10 Super Foods to Jump Start Your Metabolism!

twitter3 Top 10 Super Foods to Jump Start Your Metabolism!
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  • grumbleb14207

    Great list! I was amazed at how many of those foods I already eat and didn’t know the health benefits. Now, if I could just stay away from sugars, carbs and fat!

  • nctrower

    I highly recommend Fiber One bars! I need a greater intake of fiber in my diet and this is a great product and tastes great!

  • koaxfrax

    This is a great list but do you have any advice/tips for jumpstarting a stalled metabolism? I’m stuck – at least that’s how I’d interpret it …

    I’m 39, 30% BF, 184 pounds, 5’6″
    Exercise daily.
    Wear a HRM 24 hours – within any 24 hour perdiod it varies from 3200-3800 calories (however accurate that is).

    5 weeks religiously following weight watchers: not a pound lost.
    6 weeks gluten free, dairy free, nut free etc (all allergen free) lost 6 pounds then plateau.
    6 weeks at 1500 calories: not a pound lost.
    12 weeks on P90X : gained 10 pounds (around the gut and thighs).
    10 weeks burning 3000-4000 (according to the HRM) daily while carefully tracking calories (whole foods, veggies and fruit, lean protein) and eating 2000-2500 : not a pound lost.

    I sleep well, eat well, exercise well, drink only 3 beers or wine a week, don’t smoke — I DO have a lot of muscle mass .. and stress. It’s not about the weight – it’s about the fat make up and I just can’t seem to budge that.

    Can you suggest a solution FatLossMama?

  • nctrower

    Hi Tanya!

    I’m the queen of a stalled metabolism until about 7 months ago…

    There are a lot of things that stand out to me from your list. First off you need to put in your info for this calorie counter to know how many calories you REALLY need to eat on a daily basis to lose weight.

    I put in your info and you should be eating between 1900 – 2000 calories / day, not 1500, not 2000 – 2500 calorie_calculator2

    Next, CUT OUT THE ALCOHOL! That alone will jumpstart your metabolism. Alcohol prohibits weight loss.

    What kind of exercises are you doing? The best to boost your metabolism is a combination of resistance and interval training. Good article describing interval training You can get 20 weeks of great specific exercises at I have lost 15 lbs and 12 inches only working out 15 min / day in the past few months using these exact workouts..

    You also need to eat every 3-4 hours but only a total of 1900-2000 / day. I hope that helps. Check back with me and let me know how things are going..


  • Gina Ryan

    Aloha Naomi!
    You have a lot of info here! Wow !
    I base my work around metabolism and stress. Love what you are doing!
    Be well and stay in contact…so much 31DBBB work to do for me :)

  • nctrower

    HI Gina,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! We’ll stay connected and it’s been great meeting you through the Problogger challenge! :)

  • Christina

    Thank you for your advise and even more so, thank you for not charging for it! I will get started today!!

  • Lee

    Thanks for the info! I am breastfeeding my 2nd baby and I have lost 45lbs so far, but I would like to lose another 25lbs. I gained 70+lbs with both my pregnancies and with the first I shed it all by the time he was 7 months plus another 9lbs before I weaned him. With this baby, he is 7 months and I am 20lbs heavier than I was this time with my first. I’m still losing weight, but I feel like I am plateauing a lot more with my 2nd than with my first. I lose about 3lbs/month this time around, but with my first I was losing 8+lbs/month! Thanks for all the info on the foods. I am going to try these out and cut out sweets…they are my downfall!

  • Lee

    I am 5’6″ and 147lbs.

  • nctrower

    Hi Lee,

    Good luck! You can find great 15 minute workouts at along with more sound nutrition advice.

  • Goal2go

    Another great list of foods to kick your metabolism into gear here! I found another website with 25 great foods to speed up your metabolism that also has a handy metabolism calculator too:

    I particularly like incorporating green Tea into my daily routine. It’s so easy and has great long term benefits.

  • leslie

    I love your advice…I’m starting a biggest loser contest Sunday with a group of people. I’m going to use some of your advice wish me luck… I need to lose fifty pounds. I will be graduating and becoming a Nurse and I want to be healthy…

  • redvinejunky- bazinga

    that’s great advice:) thank you.