Top 5 Reasons You Aren’t Losing Weight


I just had a talk with 2 of my girlfriends that have serious food issues. They tend to eat when stressed, upset or angry. I told both of them that they need to replace the food with something more productive and CHANGE THEIR MINDSET! It will take some soul searching and journalling to find the [...]

How To Lose Man Boobs


Ok guys, I have been giving the females and moms a whole lotta love lately. Now it is your turn! What is your biggest complaint? Man boobs and a beer belly, you say? Well we’ve got the answer for you too here at I’ve been doing my research (one of my favorite things to [...]

Secret Formula To Gain Muscle


As you know by now, I love to research things to find answers for myself and my friends. I have naturally been thin most of my life and haven’t had a need to look into fitness questions until after I had my two kids. It’s been fun to see rapid results in losing my belly [...]